TV Transmission

Mid Power Transmitter + Megativy

From 500 W – 4000 W

Air Cooled

As part of a global energy efficient design, Megativy transmitters feature a complete modular design for quick installation and easy monitoring. Upgradable in power and easy to install on a single rack, this latest design is available in both an air and water cooled system. Megativy is ideal for your digital migration needs for wider coverage and reliable fluidity between all digital standards and includes high module redundancy for continuous signal availability.


  • New H265 compression allows for 4K and 8K transmission for fixed and mobile receivers with the support of both ASTC 1.0 and 3.0 standards.
  • Ideal compromise between high-efficiency and low maintenance operations, with transmitters networks deployed for an average 20 year lifecycle, minimizing operating costs.
  • Available on all Thomson Broadcast product lines, the implementation of the latest generation and version of 50-V LDMOS transistor technology in Doherty operation mode, Megativy is able to function in increased power for maximum coverage while maintaining  RF performance.
  • Transmitter rack can be shipped with up to 8 amplifiers running in parallel for an industry unmatched 4kW power in a single rack.
  • Cooling system adaptable to any station and environmental condition – high dissipation capacity, low-noise level and maximum savings on costly maintenance operations.
  • N+1 configuration in Passive Reserve is offered for an outstanding solution redundancy.