TV Transmission

High Power Transmitter + Gigativy

From 1,5kW – 18kW

Liquid Cooled

Gigativy is the latest product design by Thomson Broadcast, specifically engineered for the ATSC 3.0 transition for broadcasters. Gigativy offers a smooth and cost-efficient digital switch from DSO, offering higher quality content broadcast for greater value. Thanks to its smart integration system, Thomson Broadcast’s Gigativy promotes low operating costs through its flexible architecture and provides for easy operation with an outstanding performance.


  • Implementation of the largest generation and version of 50-V LDMOS transistor technology in Doherty operation mode for up to 40% efficiency.
  • Power supply voltage is also optimized to adjust to the required output power, while operating at the optimal level.
  • Power density is achieved up to 18kW in a single rack with a 12-power amplifier (25kW/m)
  • High energy efficiency over UHF band for huge savings.
  • Designed to support all modulations schemes in an all in one 1U module and 4U in Dual Drive and Passive Reserve configuration
  • SISO-MISO support allows for maximum coverage
  • Exciter features 2 ASI input streams and 2 IP input streams for redundancy
  • Newly designed control system manages and monitors operation on the entire transmission chain, switching exciters, amplifiers and transmitters in case of N+A configuration, ensuring 24/7 signal availability.